Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Warhammer 40k Doubles Tournament

So this will be my first Doubles Tournament! I am going with Peter from my local gaming group and also the author of Mid-table Obscurity. I hope I can live up to his high playing skills. Eeeeeek! It is at the end of June but I thought I would post my list up now and see what you kind kind reader think of it!

Both Peter and I are taking the mighty Space Wolves and we have decided to try and go as hard as possible. The total list has to be 1750 points halves into two teams but only following one force organisation chart.

So here's my list:

Rune Priest        100

Grey Hunters *5
Razorback with Las-plas

Grey Hunters *5
Razorback with Las-plas

Grey Hunter *9
Mark of the Wulfen

Wolf Guard Pack *3
Close Combat Weapon & Combi-meltagun
Power Fist & Combi-meltagun
Power Fist & Combi-meltagun

Long Fangs Pack *6
*3 Plasma Cannon
*2 Missile Launcher

Well that's the list. Now all I gotta do is practise, practise, practise with Peter. Fingers crossed eh!!!

Happy gaming.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Making Snow Bases

Well this is another little tutorial on how I make snow bases for my models!

You will need : bicarbonate of soda
                         PVA glue
                         optional rock or stone
                         white paint

So first of all take your decorative rock or stone and PVA glue it to the gaming base of your choice!                

Then you take your bicarbonate of soda!

Pour some PVA glue into a pot. A good dollop to start off with.

Then start adding small quantities of the soda powder. Add a couple of drops of white paint also at this stage. You are looking for a stodgy mixture that will stay on the end of your mixing tool.

Take a blob of the snow mixture and place it on your base. I find using my fingers works best here rather than using any tools. Don't worry everything will wash off your hands at the ends. Work the mixture around the rock in this case with your fingers until you achieve the look you want.

And there you go, as simple as that. A very easy snow base for you to put your miniatures on to and look great. A step further with these base is that you could put a very watered down blue wash over them and then maybe a glaze of varnish to give them a wet and slushy look.
Here is a another couple of pics for you and happy painting.

Had to share this!!!

Had me proper belly laughing!

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Love it!