Monday, 14 July 2014

Infamy Kickstarter

Hi guys and gals

So I just wanted to promote this kickstarter which I think has some great models and some even greater game play on the way.

Its called Infamy and has been created by a bloke called James Griffiths. I really do think think this game has some great potential so just wanted to share.

His website is here:

And the Kickstarter is here :

Hope you all like the looks of it! I myself have pledged and will let you see the models as soon as I get them! ;) 

Product Review - War Bases

Hello fellow hobbyists

So on this post I thought I would do a  little review of some things I bought from War Bases ( I have been thinking for a while about reviewing some of the things I buy for a while which might help you guys and gals out on your precious purchases.

"Welcome to Warbases, the one stop shop for all your gaming needs from MDF bases in 2mm or 3mm to custom acrylic tokens, movement trays, laser cut buildings, gaming aids and scratch building accessories. "

That's what War Bases do in their own words. I have seen a lot of their products personally as I have been to a few events they have been at. I saw great quality of product for a phenomenal price which made me remember to order the bits I required from them.

First off I ordered some 60mm wide 2mm thick bases.

I hope you can see from the photos that these come perfectly made. The MDF which there are cut from is of great quality and the finish on them is just perfect. When you bring in the price, of £1.20 for 6 of them. Yes, that is right, £1.20. 

Next I bought some 25mm by 2mm thick bases.

Here again I think you can see the quality, which again in my opinion is perfect. With these you got 20 of them for the same price of £1.20. I don't think these prices can be beaten anywhere! There is no warping in the wood or funny burs round any of the edges!

Lastly I bought these casualty markers.

 So I bought these for pinning allocation in Bolt Action. But you could use these in any game for marking any type of counter that you required. Plus you could also set your model on top of these markers rather than to the side. So these were 60p each. A little dearer than obviously your standard base but in my opinion still worth it.

The only fault I can find with these markers is that they are comprised by putting two circular bases on top of each other. Some of the markers are slightly off centre so they don't quite perfectly match up. Apart from that though I found no flaws. They count up from 1 to 12 which should suffice for most games!

The delivery was quick and within two days and they were well protected in a heavy duty jiffy bag. 

So overall I would definitely give War Bases a thumb's up and a score of 8/10. I would most definitely order form them again and try more of their range like their buildings for example or movement trays. But if you are looking for anything in MDF I would recommend that you give War Bases a look.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Wolf Den

Greeting's fellow hobbyists

This post is just going to be another general hobby update with lots of pics and the many projects I am working on. Firstly though I will just mention that I recently attended Wartorn with my local club.

This is a great event which is basically a charity helping out Help For Hero's. It runs over two days and is a collection of military displays, many different gaming system displays and lots of lovely vendors. I was there helping to demonstrate Warhammer 40k, Malifaux and X-Wing. Just to say a big thank you to the organisers and my fellow demonstrators for a great weekend!

Now I get a lot of stick for not posting enough on my blog so I thought in this blog I would try and explain why! You see I am really rubbish at taking a model, starting it and then finishing it 100 percent. I like to chop and change, moving about from model to model, game system to game system which means I very rarely get anything I consider to be 100 percent finished. Which then in turn means I feel it is not ready to post about. Hence the reason why a lot of my posts are works in progress! ;)

But without further a do, here are some pics of most of my projects on the go!

 One broken Titan which needs repairing after falling apart after Wartorn!

 From left to right: Some terrain (Wild West Exodus) that i bought for my Malifaux games. Also my unfinished other Titan which needs painting!

This is another new gaming system, Bolt Action, which I got at Wartorn. I am building them up at the moment and they seem to be taking forever. I will follow up with these in another post when I am further on with them!

More Warhammer 30k ready and waiting to be built!

A Dreadball squad that I got way back in February and is still waiting to be painted!

Warhammer 40k terrain that I have acquired for another project that I am not going to reveal yet!!!!
This is my new static grass applicator built for me by my friend Gill. They are in my opinion the best thing to apply grass to your models! If you click the picture above it will transport you to his Facebook page.

My Infinity crew awaiting painting!

Just pics of stuff around my gaming den!

And finally lots of other boxes of stuff on the never ending list of to do!!

Well that's me bared my gaming soul. Why not get back to me with pics of your hobbying areas? But thank you for reading and I will see you soon.