Saturday, 28 January 2012

Las-Plas Conversion

Well this is my version of creating a Lascannon with Twin-linked Plasma Gun.

It did not take very long and all you require is

2 Plasma Guns
Green Stuff or filler
Sharp knife.

First thing to do is trim off one of the lascannon barrels at the joint where it will leave you a nice flat surface to glue the plasma guns on.
Then I trimmed off the Plasma gun barrel. I was using old Space Wolf ones. I trimmed them down with the detail line. This i know was going to leave a small hole at the back between the plasma barrel and the turret. But that is what the filler is for.
One you have two Plasma gun barrels I sanded the sides that would be joined together to make them a little flatter, so to make fitting them together easier. Then I glued then together, I used plastic cement glue for this. Then I glued them to the turret itself.
You should be able to see this on the pictures. Then as I said before, you are going to be left with a hole at the back of the Plasma gun barrels. This I filled in with a little green stuff and then moulded it into shape so as to not look out of place.
Easy peasy, then all you have to do is wait for it to dry and paint away.
Any questions then please don't hesitate to ask.

On Guard

Well I should be painting my wolves for my upcoming tournaments. But I could not stop doing this model piece. This is the first one I have ever done and I created it for my partner as I gave her the soldier model about 8 months ago.
I hope you like what I have done. I saw him as an 18th century soldier stuck in some kind of time bubble defending his territory against what ever other creatures are caught in the bubble.

Well tell me what you think. Now I should get on with my wolves!!!!!

Good painting music

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Aggggghhhhhh. Well I have put myself in for it next month. Come February I have two tournaments. An 1800 point open tournament at my club and then a 2000 point at the Jolly Toys Outing at Warhammer World. OMG!

My army is still not built let alone painted. I can see a few late nights coming in.

Just had to let that out. lol. Better get back to painting. I will post my tournament lists up soon so you can comment on what you think.

Cya later.

Space Wolves

Well yes as I said before, I was going to reveal the army I decided to build. Ta Dar.... its the wolves. Just something about them led me to them. Have always had a thing for wolves especially as I had one tattooed on my arm when I was 19.
Now when I built my first lot of wolves up I did not do a lot of research in to what makes a good playing army. Basically I went for what I think looks pretty, ha ha. Well if you want to win in this game don't do that!
Now I have come to a compromise with my new army that I am building which is another reworked space wolves army. With a slightly re-jigged colour scheme. But anyway I will show you some pics of what I have painted as my first army.

Not many I know. But this was before I got into taking pics of my models. I will probably find more and will add them later.
Now I will cya later.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Where it all started!

Well it was about a year to the day that I started this hobby, if I had knew then what I know now about this hobby. My god, I don't know if I would have even started. Ha ha. I started the hobby because it just sparked an interest and I joined my local club. The York Garrison. I will put a link to there forum in at some point. The blokes down there make everyone feel so welcome and are very tolerant of newbies.
If it was not for them I doubt I would be where I am now. (Gonna have to get them back for that :-).
Well I bought the GW starter marine set first of all to see if I could even paint, and here is the pics of that.

Well from my first efforts I was reasonably impressed with myself. Oh boy did I have a lot to learn. lol.
Next we will find out what army I choose to build first.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Well I suppose it was only inevitable. I have read so many and now I am about to contribute my own blog to the interweb. This will be about the fantastic game of warhammer.
There will be reports on games and hopefully any tournaments I enter. But most likely of me loosing games because my dice hate me!
There will probably be more on the building, conversion and painting of warhammer models on this site. Seems to be my love at the moment, most nights sat with a paintbrush and model in hand.
Well here goes for blogging and wish me luck!