Thursday, 26 January 2012

Space Wolves

Well yes as I said before, I was going to reveal the army I decided to build. Ta Dar.... its the wolves. Just something about them led me to them. Have always had a thing for wolves especially as I had one tattooed on my arm when I was 19.
Now when I built my first lot of wolves up I did not do a lot of research in to what makes a good playing army. Basically I went for what I think looks pretty, ha ha. Well if you want to win in this game don't do that!
Now I have come to a compromise with my new army that I am building which is another reworked space wolves army. With a slightly re-jigged colour scheme. But anyway I will show you some pics of what I have painted as my first army.

Not many I know. But this was before I got into taking pics of my models. I will probably find more and will add them later.
Now I will cya later.

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