Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tournament News!!!!

Well this weekend is the War of the Roses tournament that I am attending. Looks to be a great tournament for my second tournament ever with over 100 people turning out. Have just seen the tournament first round match ups and I can not believe it. I am pitted against the player I started against at my last tournament, the Jolly Toys event held at Warhammer World. What are the odds!!!!!!

I am playing with my Space Wolves and that is all I am saying at the moment. I shall reveal my list and so forth next week after the tournament. But here's fingers crossed I can do better than last time. I think I now have quite a strong list, it just relies on me playing it correctly, lol.

Well see you again after the weekend.


  1. Hi Bennett, good luck with the tournament!

  2. Cheers fella, hope it all goes well. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! lol