Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Battle Review of Fluffy Wolves


Well this site is called this for a reason. I played my fluffy wolves which I listed a couple of posts ago against a friend of mine, Dave's army. He was playing marines, I will link you to his site here so you can find his stuff and what army he plays with in more detail.

Well we just played a straight kill point game and it was fun! To get to the point I lost the game and not through anything that I did not play correctly. But when Canis is getting a full six wounds on Dave's Warlord and I don't take any wounds off him, I die a little bit inside, lol. But that is the nature of the dice.

However I still believe the army is useful. By the end of the game I was eating though his troops but I was winning combats which then left me in the open for him to fire at me again. Meaning I was loosing models left right and centre while I was trying to push for the next assault.

So I lost the roll off and Dave went second, so I set up in the middle hoping I would be able to strike quickly wherever he set up. So two packs of Thunderwolves were down with a fenrisian pack bubble wrapping both squads. Dave set up on my left hand side right on his board edge.

So turn 1 I wanted to drop two pods. I decided to drop one behind his Vindicator to neutralise that threat and my other pod with my rune priest in at one end of his gun line so I can Jaws the line and hopefully take out a unit. I ran my wolves forward to his terminators and bikes as they were my biggest close combat threat. I took out the Vindicator fortunately and my Jaws took one bike off the table. My wolves ran and failed there charge on his squats.
Dave's turn one was to shoot everything he had at me. I saved quite well only lost about half of the Vindicator squad but I lost all of my Rune Priest squad.

Turn 2 I could only bring one drop pod down as I failed my reserve roll. I brought the other down in the middle of his gun line to try and take out his cannons which where threatening my thunderwolves. That attack failed miserably and as per for me my melta guns refused to hit a barn door. My wolves ran up and the fenrisian charged some veterans while one pack of Thunderwolves with Canis charged his terminators.

So from there onwards it was a case of hitting back and forth. My drop pods came drip feeding him kill points and I could not charge with the grey hunters before they were dead. This hugely hindered my army. My wolves at the Terminators and bikes and we both lost our warlords. Eventually though because I had drip fed all of my troops I had nothing left on the board as my wolves ate stuff but then got shot off the board.

Things I maybe should have one differently. Perhaps not of brought the rune priest down for the gun line and instead two full drop pods on one flank rather than spreading them out. The wolves did well and was very happy with them. The fenrisian wolves did a keep job of bubble wrapping and keep the Thunderwolves safe until charge. My main lesson from this is always  drop my pods together I think.

Cheers for reading and apologies for probably rambling.

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