Saturday, 31 March 2012

Wet Palette

These bad boys make my painting so much easier. This great bit of kit which you can make at home for pennies is a god send to us painters. It keeps your paint wet so it does not dry out, you can mix and keep the paint for a long time, it also makes the paint into a great consistency for painting onto your models. So here is my version of how to make a wet palette.

First take one tub, like you would get from your local takeaway.
 Then take about 3 sponges from your kitchen.
 Have some grease proof paper cut into the shape of your tub.
 Lay the sponges in the tub and then fill with water. Keep putting water in until all the sponges are full but make sure not to go above the sponges with water.
 Lay your grease proof paper on top and press down lightly.
 That is it and is as simple as that. Remember to put the lid back on the tub when you are not using it and your paints will stay wet for at least a fortnight in my experience.
Happy painting.

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