Friday, 9 May 2014

Calas Typhon and other stuff.

 (I loved this pic when I came across it so I have had to include it!)

Hi guys and gals,

Well it has been a busy couple of months. Playing games, painting models, selling models and dreaming up creative lists to use with my wolves and my new 30k army, Death Guard. So this post will be a brief show and tell of what I have been up to.

So first of all I have more or less completed my Calas Typhon model. I am getting very excited about playing 30k. Reading the rules has inspired my love for the table top game again which is great. My second batch of forge world goodness is winging its ways to me and I cant wait to get building, painting and playing it. I have already completed some of the bases for my troops, even before I have the troops :-).

Anyway I am rambling so here are some fun pics of Calas to keep you going.

I am very happy with how he has turned out. However I might touch some things up here and there. As I said more of my Death Guard are coming but I shall reveal more when I have done more.

So unfortunately because I am not a millionaire I have had to sell some items to pay for my new Death Guard. So I thought  I would Honor them by putting them into this blog post. I find it a very hard exercise to sell my models when I have put so much time into them but "needs must" as they say! Here's the pics.

Tournaments have been played as well but not with much to write home about really. I did qualify for the Yorkshire Open but unfortunately could not attend as work commitments took priority. We all have something of a local Derby between York and Hull which recently took place where 40k and fantasy players take part to win the Derby Cup.

Last year we won. This year however the cup was lost. My 40k team did very well and won our half of the competition. I am not pointing fingers but the Fantasy side didn't! Oh well we can try again next year and get the Fantasy players into some king of War training boot camp. :-)

And finally I also have another little project underway (maybe not so little). Which is progressing so I though I would share some photos of that to.

OMG another TITAN!!! Yes it is! So as you can see this is only about half of it.It is another work in progress which will be completed in time. With this model I used weathering powders for the first time and I really like how they have turned out.

Well that is all for now my friends. But don't fear there is plenty more on the way!

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