Thursday, 27 March 2014

WIP March 2014

So I thought I would show you some work in progress pics as I am working on some big projects that are going to take some time. As always I really appreciate any comments anybody would like to make.

So first set of pics is of my brand new Titan. Some of you regulars might remember that I scratch built a Warhound Titan from plasticard. However this one is the real deal and oh my god how awesome is this model. These are just the legs, weapon arms and cockpit so far. Also on this model is my first use of weathering pigments.

The next set of pics is the figure head of my next army. From the earlier teaser post you may have noticed I bought something from Forgeworld. His name is Calas Typhon and he is the first Captain of the Death Guard for Warhammer 30k. So I am purchasing a brand new, all Forgeworld, Death Guard army. So far I have Calas but more are definitely coming. So far I am building up the white colour for his army but he is a great looking model which also comes set in a kind of diorama scene which will be fun to paint.

So I hope you enjoyed this insight into what is on my table right now!

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